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Broadcasting Image Group owns, produces, creates, aggregates, and distributes news, sports, and entertainment across multiple platforms. Our media production is able to be applied to broadcast television, events, websites, and mobile devices.

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Feel free to contact us to receive additional information about the work that we can complete for you. Our staff is an excellent source of information when it comes to any aspect of audio or visual media, and we have plenty of resources available as well.


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Who We Are

Broadcasting Image Group (BIG) is a broadcast media and entertainment company with locations in Herndon, Virginia, and elsewhere in North America. We also have offices in South America, and our headquarters is in Washington, DC. Since 1997, we've been a registered US company that is able to produce right from our own studio.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide you with all you need in production and media. If you want to improve your skills in video production, and to become one of the most famous people in the field, we have a lot to offer you. This is the place to start for videography training, with many articles about audio/video work, lighting techniques, video editing, and more. Let's start to learn!

Our Video Production Services span all phases of a project; from concept development through distribution, and any part thereof.


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Contact our broadcast media experts at (571) 529-5111 in Herndon, Virginia, for more information about our services.google-site-verification=u9a5B5gz8xg0tZg66qxVao7nGOYMS_sCeuP0WooVz0g


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